2023 Startup Challenge Finalists
We’re excited to announce this year’s Finalists for the 2023 Startup Challenge.

Teams consist of students from The Wharton School, The School of Engineering and Applied Science, and The School of Social Policy & Practice.

The Startup Challenge attracts the best and brightest entrepreneurial minds from across the Penn community as they compete for a chance to win more than $300K in cash and prizes.
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NOTE: For a key to all school abbreviations, click here.

Flagler Health aims to be the leading treatment recommendation tool in the musculoskeletal space.

Albert Katz, WG'23; Will Hu, GEng'19; Leon Anijar
FullFlock aims to help prevent avian flu outbreaks amongst poultry: a problem that has led to over 57 million dead birds and incurred an estimated >$3 billion in losses during the current outbreak alone. We will do so through a chicken feed harnessing a potent, plant-based, cost-efficient antiviral protein.

Vasundhara Macherla, W'23, SEAS'23; Ananya Dewan, LSM'23; Yuwei Guo, LSM'23, Haichuan Yang, SAS'23
Nemu helps families manage personal property transfers efficiently, fairly, and transparently, while preserving emotional and financial capital. Through our application, families catalog, price, equitably divide, and sell their personal property.

Sarah Powers, WG'23
PopEye is the world's first autonomous anchor-monitoring system for large commercial vessels. At the intersection of mechanical design, electronics, and computer vision, our "camera-in-a-box" both solves the problem of anchor loss, malfunction, and danger, and takes the first step toward fully autonomous, more sustainable anchoring.

Nicholas Anderson ENG'23, Orestis Skoutellas, ENG’23 GEN’23 W’23, Jacob "Rocco" Bendell, ENG’23, Mario Ferre, ENG’23, Benjamin Abt, ENG’23 GEN’24

2023 Linn Family Innovation Award Winner
2023 Robert S. Blank New Venture Collaboration Award Winner
2023 Wharton AI and Analytics for Business Awards Winner
2023 Venture Lab Audience Choice Award Winner
ProBook automates scheduling and dispatch for HVAC businesses, cutting windshield time by 30% and increasing admin efficiency by up to 5X.

George Eliadis ENG’24 W’24  and Toby Hirsch ENG’24 W’24

2023 Launch Prize Winner
2023 Summer Venture Award Winner
Spring is a modern-day matchmaking service that introduces single people to other singles in a more authentic way through a combination of technology and matchmakers who screen each user and suggest matches.

Annie Xu, SPP’24 WG’24 and Anne Woepse GEN’14

2023 Ashton Family Award For Female Founders Winner
2023 Summer Venture Award Winner
Zmiles Same Day Aligners is disrupting the invisible aligner industry by delivering treatments to consumers within an hour of their first visit as opposed to the industry standard of 4-6 weeks for treatment delivery.

David Navarro, W'23

2023 Perlman Grand Prize Winner
2023 Runner-up Award Winner
2023 Frederick H. Gloeckner Award for Best Undergraduate Team Winner