Building Policies
Access to Tangen Hall requires a valid Penn ID Card. Business hours are from 7a - 9p ET Monday through Friday.

Questions about access, email us at
Tangen Hall - Street View

Use of Special Facilities

Team Rooms and Venture Pods
Small group meeting rooms are available on Venture Lab floors 1, 2, 3, 4, and 7 and are reservable through the Wharton Spaces system. The ability to book rooms is granted automatically in Spaces to Venture Lab Members:

  • Students who are not Venture Lab members are not permitted to reserve rooms. If you are a current student, and would like to apply for a membership, click here.
  • During business hours, all Penn students successfully enrolled in the Venture Lab membership program may reserve the following rooms: 101, 203, 213, 424.
  • During all building open hours (business + after hours), students who are accepted into select Venture Lab programs (see Section 1.4.3) may reserve the following video-conferencing rooms: 316, 318, 320, 323, 325, 336, 338, 340, 702B, and 702C.
  • Venture Lab staff may reserve any of the identified rooms on behalf of the programs they manage.

    While bookings will be honored, there may be instances where bookings are canceled/rescheduled for operational needs.

Questions or issues with booking these spaces may be directed to
Studios and Labs
Questions or issues with applying to these innovation spaces may be directed to

Tangen Hall is home to 9 innovation spaces, owned by Venture Lab:

Upon successful enrollment into Venture Lab’s membership program students can sign up for safety training and training on how to use the equipment here. The Fabrication Studios are operated as a collaboration between The Wharton School and the School of Engineering and Applied Science. Questions about the Fabrication Studios should be directed to

Eyewash Station (Room 424)
The eyewash station is located in room 424 on the 4th floor. All Engineering Studios lab monitors and students are trained on how to use the eyewash station. This room may be used by everyone in the building and the room door must remain open for immediate access to the eyewash station.
Gender Inclusive Bathrooms
Gender-inclusive bathrooms (Rooms 1WC3 and 4WC3) are located on floors 1 and 4 respectively. They include personal showers. These bathrooms are accessible to all building entrants at all times and should be locked when in use.
Lactation Suite (Room 339)
The lactation room is located on the southeast corner of the 3rd floor. This room is available to all nursing mothers - both Penn community members and non-Penn guests - who are working inside or visiting Tangen.

This will be locked when not in use, to maintain cleanliness. Nursing mothers who are visiting Tangen may access this room by inquiring at the lobby front desk or with Venture Lab’s 1st or 3rd floor reception staff. Arrangements may be made in advance by calling 215-898-4856 or emailing

This room will be maintained in accordance with the University of Pennsylvania’s lactation policy.
Rooftop Terrace (Room 710)
The terrace is located on the 7th floor and is accessible to Tangen faculty and staff on a regular basis and to 7th floor events on an adhoc basis. Eligible personnel will have access to door 710-1 (entry from Active Learning Room 708) and 710-2 (entry from the Summit). When events are occurring in the adjacent Active Learning Room 708, non-instructional faculty and staff are requested not to use the terrace so as to not distract instructors and students.

Students cannot have card swipe access to the terrace and faculty/staff must remain with any student that they invite into that space.


Alcohol is prohibited in all Tangen active learning rooms, conference rooms, and team rooms. Alcohol may only be served in Wharton-designated reception spaces as part of an approved event. Please be sure to indicate your intention to serve alcohol on your space request form and note that Tangen Hall Operations reserves the right to reject a request to serve alcohol. Prior to your event, an Alcohol Usage Agreement must be reviewed and signed with Wharton Operations staff. Please familiarize yourself with the University of Pennsylvania policies regarding serving alcohol on campus. Note that additional charges for security will be incurred by all events serving alcohol. The amount of security required is at the discretion of Wharton Operations.

Balloons and Crafts
Helium balloons are prohibited from all Wharton Complex buildings. The use of paint, liquid glue, glitter, and/or confetti is also prohibited. Glue sticks, tape, and/or peel-n-stick products that do not leave damage are permitted; however, no tape or glue can be applied to any walls, doors, or any other part of Tangen Hall. Markers are permitted as long as they do not bleed into the tabletops. Please ask Tangen Hall Operations about questionable craft materials before using. All materials/scraps must be cleared by the end of your reservation.

This service is for Penn recognized student entrepreneurship clubs. Approval to hang your banner must be received from either the Undergraduate Division (JMHH, Suite G95) or the MBA Program Office (JMHH, Suite 300) prior to contacting the Wharton Operations Customer Support Center. Priority is given to University-wide and School-wide event banners.

You are forbidden to hang signs or any signage with glue, tape, or any other adhesive material.

Student bicycles and scooters are not allowed inside Tangen Hall. Bicycles and scooters may be parked in the bike racks located outside of the building. Please view the bicycle safety information on the Division of Public Safety website and register your bike at the UPenn CampusExpress Property Registration website.

Catering and Food
Only caterers approved by Venture Lab may be used during an event/meeting at Tangen Hall. Please be sure to indicate catering/food presence on your space request form. Food is NOT permitted in the active learning rooms on the 7th floor, unless approved as part of a special event. Foods including, but not limited to, mustard, blueberries, black berries, and red berries are NOT permitted within the Wharton Complex buildings. Food and beverages are NOT permitted at all in any of the Studio/Lab spaces, excepting in the Food Innovation Lab if part of scheduled programming.

Event hosts are responsible for disposing of all trash in the proper trash/recycle receptacles prior to vacating the room at the end of your reservation. Large items, such as pizza boxes, should be placed next to the room’s trash receptacle. Ice should also be left next to the trash can in a disposable container for removal by housekeeping. Any items left will be discarded and the sponsoring department will be charged for the disposal service. Event bookings will incur charges, including but not limited to housekeeping and security.

Any drone use in the building must meet all requirements from city and state authorities.

Any usage of drones must be approved by Tangen Hall.

Please email if you have any questions.
Easels and Whiteboards
Easels and whiteboards in Tangen Hall may be used only on that floor and cannot be moved to a different part of the building. Please note that these items are self-serve and that easel markers and paper are not provided. Please take care to only use dry-erase markers on this equipment. For easel/whiteboard needs in spaces where they are not currently supplied, please seek rentals from an approved Wharton vendor.

Tables, chairs and all other items within a space may NOT be moved outside the room or to another location. Wharton and Tangen Operations cannot provide additional furniture to any location. To rent furniture for an approved event, source an approved Wharton vendor and inform Tangen Operations. Wharton approved furniture rental options can be found here.

Hallways and Lobby
Tables, chairs, easels and other furniture are not permitted to be set-up outside of the reserved space or in any hallway. All registration and event tables must remain within the reserved space and cannot block any doors or exits. All directional signage must use a single-base sign holder. Nothing may be glued, taped or affixed in any way to building walls, room number signs, doors, floors or ceilings.
Keying and Rekeying
Keys may not be issued to temporary staff, undergraduate students, and/or MBA students. Keying, re-keying, and lock services are available via Venture Lab. To request a key or replacement email Departments are responsible for managing any keys that are issued. Any issued key that is lost or missing must be reported immediately to Wharton Security at 215-898-2300.

Loading and Unloading
The Tangen Hall loading dock is located on Sansom Street. Use of the loading dock must be scheduled in advance with Tangen Operations. There is no parking for any vehicles on the loading dock and vehicles cannot block the driveway or block access to the bays. There is a 30 minute time limit for loading/unloading only.

Students are prohibited from bringing in any equipment into the building. Such as but not limited to tables, chairs, screens, refrigerators, boats, pools, personal tools etc.

If you need to bring equipment into the building please contact

Lost and Found
The Security desk located near the lobby entrance manages Tangen Hall’s lost and found. Any found articles should be turned in immediately to the Security desk. High value items will be sent to Penn Police. Please contact the Security desk at 215-898-2811 for questions about a lost or found item.

Noise levels within a Tangen Hall should be kept at a respectful level as not to disturb other building activities.
Student Printers
Printers are made available for student use in partnership between Venture Lab and Public Computing and are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors. All students enrolled in Venture Lab membership will receive a $5.00 credit upon acceptance into the membership program. This credit must be refilled by the student on an out-of-pocket basis once it is used up. Questions or issues with using this credit may be directed to Note that IT support is not available in Tangen Hall.

Rollerblading, Rollerskating, and Skateboarding
Rollerblading, rollerskating, and skateboarding are not permitted inside Tangen Hall.

It is prohibited to tape, glue or affix any signs, posters or advertisements to any surface in the Tangen Hall. Directional signage for an event can be placed within buildings with the approval of Tangen Operations. Each approved sign must have a single base. Tripod-based signs or easels cannot be used in any hallways.

Smoking is prohibited within 20-feet of the entrance to Tangen per the City of Philadelphia, ordinance #050063-A.

Suspension of Normal Operations
In the case that the University suspends normal operations, Tangen Hall will be closed. Essential personnel will be required to report but all classes, events and all other activities scheduled in Tangen Hall will be canceled. Please contact Tangen Operations on the next operational business day to inquire about rescheduling your event. Faculty, staff, post-docs, and PhD students will maintain access to Tangen Hall via the card reader at the main entrance.

Technology in Team Rooms
A Pennkey with Wharton affiliated credentials is required to access any installed classroom technology. Independent access to technology by non-Wharton users requires a Wharton guest login and training.

IT support is not available in Tangen Hall - all technology use is self-serve. For any technology needs related to an approved event, please submit that request with the event request. Note that additional technology and IT support may come with a charge.

Violations and Damage
In the event of damages to the reserved space, or any space in Tangen Hall, including but not limited to, the walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, and technology, the sponsoring department will be held responsible for repairs, replacement, and/or disposal of damaged items. All persons in the Tangen Hall are also expected to follow any and all directives from Security. Failure to do so may result in expulsion from the building and a revoking of access.

Any violation of the Tangen Hall reservation policies listed above may result in future loss of permission to reserve space within the building by the sponsoring department/organization. Details of violation consequences are at the discretion of Tangen Operations.

3rd Party Vendor
All 3rd party vendors must provide a current COI to Tangen Hall. This includes all businesses that already have COI filed with the University.