Building Policies
Access to Tangen Hall requires a valid Penn ID Card. Accessible hours are from 7a - 9p ET Monday through Saturday.

Questions about access, email us at
Tangen Hall - Street View

Use of Special Facilities

Team Rooms and Venture Pods

  • Students entering Tangen Hall during business hours who are not Venture Lab members are not permitted to reserve rooms.
  • Venture Lab members can book rooms via the Wharton Spaces system on floors 1, 2, and 4. If you are a current student, and would like to apply for a membership, click here.
  • Students in select Venture Lab programs can book rooms via the Wharton spaces system on floors 1 through 4 and 7. For questions about access available for members of a particular program, contact the respective staff program manager.
  • While bookings will be honored, there may be instances where bookings are canceled/rescheduled for operational needs.

Questions or issues with booking these spaces may be directed to
Studios and Labs
Tangen Hall is home to 9 innovation spaces, owned by Venture Lab.

The Fabrication Studios on floors 1 and 4 are operated by Penn Engineering and are a collaboration between The Wharton School and the School of Engineering and Applied Science.

Upon acceptance into Venture Lab’s membership program, Penn students will receive access to the Fabrication Studios Canvas site. On Canvas students can sign up for safety training and training on how to use the equipment.

Questions about the Fabrication Studios should be directed to

Venture Lab wholly operates the following innovation spaces -

  • Retail Lab
  • Food Innovation Lab
  • Digital Design Studio
  • Digital Media Lab

Questions about these spaces should be directed to
Eyewash Station (Room 424)
The eyewash station is located in room 424 on the 4th floor. All Engineering Studios lab monitors and students are trained on how to use the eyewash station. This room may be used by everyone in the building and the room door must remain open for immediate access to the eyewash station.
Gender Inclusive Bathrooms
Gender-inclusive bathrooms (Rooms 1WC3 and 4WC3) are located on floors 1 and 4 respectively. They include personal showers. These bathrooms are accessible to all building entrants at all times and should be locked when in use.
Lactation Suite (Room 339)
The lactation room is located on the southeast corner of the 3rd floor. This room is available to all nursing mothers - both Penn community members and non-Penn guests - who are working inside or visiting Tangen.

This will be locked when not in use, to maintain cleanliness. Nursing mothers who are visiting Tangen may access this room by inquiring at the lobby front desk or with Venture Lab’s 1st or 3rd floor reception staff. Arrangements may be made in advance by calling 215-898-4856 or emailing

This room will be maintained in accordance with the University of Pennsylvania’s lactation policy.
Rooftop Terrace (Room 710)
The terrace is located on the 7th floor and is accessible to Tangen faculty and staff on a regular basis and to 7th floor events on an adhoc basis. Eligible personnel will have access to door 710-1 (entry from Active Learning Room 708) and 710-2 (entry from the Summit). When events are occurring in the adjacent Active Learning Room 708, non-instructional faculty and staff are requested not to use the terrace so as to not distract instructors and students.

Students cannot have card swipe access to the terrace and faculty/staff must remain with any student that they invite into that space.