Snider Consulting delivers actionable recommendations that help our clients drive and sustain business growth. Through semester-long consulting engagements supported by professional advising, our talented and dedicated MBA and undergraduate consultants provide tailored research, analysis, thought partnership, and execution support to meet our clients’ needs.

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Project scopes are customized in conversation with each client to address their most pressing challenges.

Marketing & Sales
Many of our projects involve helping our clients to evaluate and pursue new opportunities. Snider Consulting supports our clients with any step of their go-to-market strategies, from product to market to marketing and sales.

  • Value proposition
  • Use cases
  • Profitability / feasibility
Snider Consulting assists growth stage clients with developing operational models and infrastructure that supports a scaling business. For mature business clients, Snider researches underperformance and identifies opportunities for improvement.

Examples of operational project topics include:
  • Performance Diagnosis & Analysis
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Post-merger Integration

Snider Consulting works with businesses in a variety of stages and industries. Most of our clients are high growth startups somewhere between pre-revenue and post-Series A. Our typical client is the founder / owner / CEO of the company or one of their direct reports.

Early-Stage Startups
We help creative entrepreneurs, pre-revenue, and seed stage startups translate their vision into a profitable business, often by assisting them with their business model, marketing strategy, or commercialization plan.

Typical projects with early-stage startups include, but are not limited to:

  • Developing go-to-market strategies
  • Strengthening business models
Growth-Stage Startups
Supporting scalable operations (e.g., staffing models, supply chain management)

As startups receive substantial funding and/or experience rapid revenue growth, Snider Consulting helps to drive and sustain that growth by for example evaluating new opportunities and expansion strategies, or supporting scalable operations.

Typical projects with growth stage startups include, but are not limited to:

  • Evaluating new opportunities and expansion strategies
  • Developing go to market strategies for new markets
  • Supporting scalable operations (e.g. supply chain management)

Small & Medium Businesses
We help mature businesses to sustain success by identifying opportunities for operational improvement, evaluating expansion opportunities, or researching the causes of underperformance.

Typical projects with mature small and medium businesses include, but are not limited to:

  • Conducting operational analysis
  • Evaluating expansion opportunities to clarify the path forward
  • Researching the causes of underperformance through interviews, and research
When working on a new company, there are many questions you wish to have the answers to but lack the time to spend on. Snider is the perfect group to ask these questions to – you will get a team fully engaged with access to incredible resources.
Rob Huberty, ZeroEyes
We have returned every year because of the quality of the work and ease of engagement.
Ted Mucellin, COO, Houwzer
I recommend Snider Consulting for a project as the team is very professional, strategic, and result focused.
Raymond Lee, CEO, Careerminds
The consultants were very professional and effective. They were committed to the projects and exceeded my expectations.
Andrew Tsourkas, AlphaThera, LLC
The output from the team was easy to digest, and included actionable recommendations.
Jeff Cooper, President, CEO, Expo Logic


Snider’s client application processes precede the fall and spring semesters each year.
Before applying, prospective clients participate in an intro call with program administrators Erin, Jon, and John to introduce themselves and learn more about the program.

A brief application form is required as an expression of interest in the program. This is followed by a call to assess fit and begin discussing project scope. Once fit is confirmed, clients sign a contract to formalize their commitment to participating.

As project kickoff approaches, the project definition is finalized, and clients sign a letter of engagement that defines the project scope and deliverables


Snider’s projects run for 10-12 weeks each fall and spring semester.

Teams of 2-3 consultants are assigned to projects and reach out to clients to set up a project kickoff meeting. The kickoff meeting is used to get to know each other, develop an initial understanding of the client context and goals, and establish ways of working together.

Throughout the project, the consulting team works independently to conduct research, interviews, and analysis. The team and client hold brief, weekly check-in calls to maintain alignment throughout. A midpoint presentation is used to share preliminary findings and clarify the approach for the second half of the project.

In a final presentation, the consulting team presents their recommendations and provides any additional deliverables. The final presentation is followed by a debrief call with program administrators.
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