At The Food Innovation Lab, we're passionate about fostering creativity and innovation within the food industry.

Our 800-square-foot facility is a dynamic hub that provides invaluable resources to a diverse cohort of food entrepreneurs. Whether you're developing a new restaurant concept or launching an innovative food product, we're here to help you every step of the way.

What We Offer

The program supports restaurant concepts or food products along with hosting tasting events to gain consumer insight and outline the path to market.

Two Four-Burner Ranges
with cameras set up for cooking demonstrations
Two 24” Flat Tops
Double-deck Convection Oven
20-qt. Mixer
Two Food Warmers
Water Activity Meter, pH Meter, Autoclave

Food Innovation Lab Cohort Highlights

SuChef is a community for incredible cooking experiences. Check out our beta app and Instagram.
DinnerParty provides affordable, at-home hosting boxes with ready-to-cook ingredients, dinnerware, and tableware.
Kokada's products are peanut free, vegan, gluten free, organic, and made with simple ingredients that you can understand! As a woman owned, minority owned company, we strive to bring inclusive snacks to the table for everyone to enjoy!
470 Baking Company is a sourdough goods business home to Melissa's Sourdough Crisps, with a distinct tart flavor that could only come from the magic of a sourdough starter created at 470 2nd avenue in the Inner Richmond district of San Francisco.
“The Food Lab is an incredible space that blends creativity and practicality, giving students hands-on experience and tailored highly applicable knowledge about the food startup world.”
Phoenix Diller, Founder, Food Like Me
“The food innovation lab exists as a space to support student entrepreneurs in the food and beverage space. Students can work on creating restaurant concepts or developing food products. They can develop recipes, fine tune their concepts, host tasting events to gain consumer insight and outline the path to market. The food innovation lab offers advising from staff on site and connects students to industry experts to meet students’ individual needs.”
Lauren Hooks, Food Innovation Lab Manager

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