Visiting Experts
Since its inception in the Fall of 2001, our Visiting Experts program has provided over 1700 Penn students with the unique opportunity to meet one-on-one with over 170 successful entrepreneurs.

Experts Available

Venture Lab staff offering guidance on our programs and your entrepreneurial path.
Practical advice and assistance from student and professional experts.
Meet one-on-one with an alumni entrepreneur.
Wharton’s Lippincott Librarian Phebe Dickson will help you use the amazing resources available at this major research institution to do customer, industry, or any other kind of research. Databases that cost thousands of dollars to access once you graduate are free while you’re a student, and Phebe knows how to use them all.

Taylor Durham, Venture Lab’s Associate Director of Communications & Wharton Communications Program Lecturer, will help you hone your pitch, write your company description, create taglines, craft a marketing plan, and more

It was an awesome opportunity to reconnect, to give back a little, and honestly, I’m personally motivated by meeting with these students.
Shelby Zitelman, Founder, Soom Foods

Upcoming Visiting Expert Sessions

The event is from 5:30-8:30pm PT
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