The Visiting Experts Program is a Venture Lab program that provides students with the opportunity to meet alumni founders, entrepreneurs, subject matter experts, and industry experts in one-on-one or small group AMA (Ask Me Anything) sessions. The program aims to provide insights into the practical, conceptual, and personal challenges of launching, acquiring, or growing a venture.

What You'll Gain

Our program provides six unique benefits that help shape you as a founder or joiner on the path to building and scaling your venture.

These sessions are for students with general questions, interested in learning more about a particular industry or role, or interested in hearing about a visiting expert’s career trajectory. Students are expected to come with questions and be prepared to actively engage in discussions.

These 1:1 sessions are for students with specific questions that align with the experience, or expertise of the Visiting Expert.

Practical 1:1 advice and assistance from student and professional legal experts.

These sessions are student-led. Participants are expected to come prepared with questions or requests for the legal experts

It was an awesome opportunity to reconnect, to give back a little, and honestly, I’m personally motivated by meeting with these students.
Shelby Zitelman, Founder, Soom Foods
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