Face wash is 90% water, so this company is selling a dehydrated product that you can make at home

[Photo: courtesy Seadrop Skincare]

Seadrop Skincare’s face wash isn’t a liquid: It’s a round bead that you crush in your hand and combine with water.

A startup called Seadrop Skincare wants to address these problems. It has developed a new format for face wash: A round bead that you crush in your hand and mix with water to create a liquid cleanser. The company claims to be more sustainable than its peers because it has a lower carbon footprint and has zero-waste packaging. But the key to its success will be its ability to nudge consumers to change their habits around their skincare routines—and that’s no easy task.

Serena Advani (VIP-X, SPR '24), Seadrop Skincare’s founder, grew up in North Carolina in an Indian family. There were few other Indians in her town, but one way that she tried to connect with her heritage was to participate in beauty rituals with her mother. In India, many skincare products—like masks and washes—come in powders that you mix at home with water, rose water, and even yogurt. “We’ve been doing it this way for centuries,” she says. “The ingredients only get activated when you combine them with liquids.”