Previous cohorts have included companies like Hostfully, which provided a supportive community for startups, LuxCreo, which focused on streamlining go-to-market strategies and organizational structure, and Wolox, which was successfully sold to Accenture thanks to the skills gained in the program.

Spring 2023 Cohort

Pezzy Pets
Mike Mitchell W’09, Founder

We work with artisanal fishermen in Mexico and the US to turn hated, invasive fish species into pet treats that are good for both pets and the environment.
Arzan RaimalwalaWG'13 W'14, Lauder, Founder

Home Furniture 3 way marketplace: brands, designers and consumers.
Working Trees
John Foye, MT’13, Founder
Aakash AhamedCTO

Working Trees gets farmers paid for growing trees through carbon markets.
My Little Mascara Club
Patrick Ryan WGMP’21, Co-Founder  
Annie Brown, Co-Founder

A subscription-based clean mascara. The Dollar Shave Club for mascara.
SIP Mask
Vasanth Mohanraj W’08, Founder

Stemming from a public health initiative to build evidence-based tools during the COVID pandemic, we launched our first product to mitigate risk, SIP – an airtight drinking valve that automatically seals after each sip, allowing the immunocompromised and COVID-conscious to safely drink in public spaces without removing their mask or compromising their health.
Ficus Analytics
Prashant MehtaWEMBA’21, Founder

B2B SaaS augmented analytics platform.

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