Social Entrepreneurship Initiative Summer of Impact: Fellows
The Summer of Impact: Fellowship is awarded to select students who will spend the summer contributing to a Summer of Impact: Venture. Fellows will have an opportunity to work side by side with student founders of social enterprises, potentially playing multiple roles as part of a small team, and gaining insight into the behind-the-scenes processes at an early-stage company.

Applications are now closed.

Join one of the below Summer of Impact: Ventures listed below as a Summer of Impact: Fellow.


Stance aims to reduce the carbon footprint of the Food & Beverage industry by converting food waste into profitable, sustainable products.

Fellows placed with Stance will have unique learning opportunities and gain hands-on experience with developing a new product and its go-to-market strategy.

Founder(s): Roland Washington, GEN'24

Stance Fellow Information

Fellow Projects
Currently, Stance is developing a device that converts fruit & vegetable waste into biodegradable food-safe tableware. Fellows would support:

  • Advanced Market Research
  • Prototype Development
  • Manufacturing Search & Analysis
Skills Requested of Fellow
Ideal summer fellows for this venture would have interest in project/product management, and/or have a background in mechanical/design engineering. Preferred candidates will have skills in communication, planning and organization, problem-solving, and adaptability.
Fellows will join the team's notion workspace as a means of having access to a central knowledge base and collaborating on the design & research processes. A combination of in-person & virtual work sessions will occur throughout the summer.


Fitalyst humanizes campus engagement data to close the achievement gap for First-Gen students and their institutions.

Fellows placed with Fitalyst will gain practical business and product development skills in moving its flagship product from prototype to MVP.

Founder(s): Jonathan Muruako, SAS'17, LPS'21, LPS'22, SP2'24

Fitalyst Fellow Information

Fellow Projects
Currently, Fitalyst is working on product development to support the success of First-Gen university students.
Fellows would support:

  • Product Development
  • Ambassador Program Development
  • Stakeholder Data Collection & Analysis
Skills of Requested Fellow
Ideal summer fellows for this venture would have an interest in product strategy and development, program management, and data analysis.
The Fitalyst team will meet at least once a week, and will develop a schedule that works for the onboarded Fellow.


ToxiSense offers a sustainable and cost-effective genetically engineered solution for endotoxin testing.

Biopharmaceutical products and drinking water must be tested for endotoxins, the sickness-causing molecule from bacteria; the current method relies on expensive horseshoe crab blood and is environmentally damaging. ToxiSense genetically engineered the Arabidopsis plant to luminesce based on the endotoxin concentration applied to it, serving as a sustainable, cost-effective solution.

Founder(s): Aravind Krishnan, C'25 ,W'25; Udit Garg, ENG'25

ToxiSense Fellow Information

Fellow Projects
Currently, ToxiSense is working towards goals surrounding a pilot and product iteration.
Fellows would support:

  • Research and Development
  • Program Management
Skills of Requested Fellow
Ideal summer fellows for this venture would have a sense of creativity, interest in social impact and the biotech space, and being a team-player.
The ToxiSense team will determine the cadence and structure of meetings with the Fellow.
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