VIP Peer Advisors
Venture Initiation Program Peer Advisors (VIPPA) is a student-led group that provides additional support to founders in Venture Initiation Program. Students are trained to assist founders during VIP coaching sessions and provide additional 1:1 support between sessions.

This program started in Weiss Tech House that over the years provided support to founders of such companies as Twine, Harper Wilde, Dagne Dover, Warby Parker, and Allbirds. VIPPA is now affiliated with VIP and works closely with VIP advisors.

Fill out this form to request advising with VIPPA (Venture Initation Program Peer Advisors). We will email you to discuss availability so we can help your startup grow!

We encourage and support students in the creation, development and commercialization of innovative technologies. If you have any questions, please feel free to email
Sarah Luthra.jpg
Sarah Luthra
M&T: Computer Science and Business
Class of 2024

I cherish the community of entrepreneurs and innovators at Wharton and enjoy working with growing startups!

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Jake Brooks
M&T: Computer Science and Business
Class of 2024

I love VIPPA because I get to work with the coolest startups and help them grow.

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Ryan Gannon.png
Ryan Gannon
VP of Social Outreach
M&T: Computer Science and Business
Class of 2024

I love how VIPPA enables us to have a real impact on student startups, gives us exposure to cutting edge ideas, and develops deep relationships with the amazing founders in the Penn ecosystem.
Alexander Cho.png
Alexander Cho
Computer Science
Class of 2025

One of the coolest parts about being on VIPPA is working with inspirational founders and their incredible, unique ideas!
Brandon Wang.jpg
Brandon Wang
M&T: Computer Science and Business
Class of 2024

The best part of VIPPA is meeting with lots of cool founders across a wide range of industries!
Leyla Theunissen.jpg
Leyla Theunissen
Computer Science and Cognitive Science
Class of 2025

I love VIPPA because it is a revolving door of ideas and people and really expands the scope of what I get to learn outside my classes at Penn.
Anthony Kim.jpg
Anthony Kim
VP of Bootcamps
Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics
Class of 2025

VIPPA gives me the perfect opportunity to bridge between student founders and the entrepreneurship community, and I get to learn from all the founders’ unique ideas!
Prakruthi Raghavendra
VP of Marketing
Computer Science and Finance
Class of 2024

I love VIPPA because of the social events and community bonding!