We’re excited to announce this year’s Finalists for the 2024 Startup Challenge.

Teams consist of students from The Wharton School (W, WG), The School of Engineering and Applied Science (SEAS), and The College of Arts and Sciences (SAS).

As some of Penn's best and brightest entrepreneurial minds, these teams will compete for a chance to win more than $150,000 in cash prizes, in-kind support, and additional resources at the 2024 Startup Challenge Live Final presented by Venture Lab at the University of Pennsylvania Powered by the Wharton School on 4/12/2024 at Tangen Hall.
Jalan Journey is an EdTech startup that develops digital game-based learning worlds, themed around social causes, that cultivate empathy.

Harrison Chong, SEAS'27; Harsha Ravindran, CAS'26; Matthew Lowe, SEAS'27
Jochi is an integrated management platform that enables secondary schools to effectively identify and support neurodiverse learners, ensuring no student is left behind.

Yash Dhir, SEAS'24; Rahul Nambiar, SEAS'24

(VIP-XPennovation Summer Accelerator)
LilyLoop delivers precise, early detection of menorrhagia with smart period products empowering menstruators to understand and act on objective menstrual histories.

Kylie Chang, SEAS'27, W'27; Neha Chelamkuri, SAS'27, W'27; Rima Chavali, SAS'27, W'27

(Y Prize Winner)
MediMint is a blockchain-driven platform that facilitates cost-effective, secure, and interoperable medical image sharing between providers and patients, modernizing traditional processes dependent on physical storage mediums like DVDs, and fostering an era of patient-centered healthcare.

Ava Ramesh, WG'25; Abhisri Ramesh, GW Med'26

Nirby is a real-time soil analytics and farmland management tool for large agricultural enterprises, leveraging satellite data and proprietary drone systems to deliver actionable insights within minutes. We enable up to 40% savings on fertilizer expenses and up to 15% increase in crop yields.

Piotr Lazarek, ENG'25 W'25

Odyssey Notebooks creates premium and sustainably-crafted notebooks with proprietary paper for fountain pen users, bullet journal artists, and every day notetakers.

Rainbow (Laan) Yeung, WG'24

Probook automates home services dispatch (HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical). Probook plugs into ServiceTitan, combining historical data with routing optimization to match technicians to jobs 10-20% more profitably. Probook is already in use at some of the nation's largest home service businesses.

George Eliadis, M&T '24 (W & Eng); Ben Cervantez M&T '25 (W & Eng)

Robin is an end-to-end healthcare fraud detection tool that streamlines the process of labeling and analyzing claims as well as boosts fraud classification accuracy by over 25%, all of which aims to help solve the $100B healthcare fraud crisis within the US.

Kevin Lu, SEAS'26; Kyle Zhang, SEAS'26, W'26; Sunny Wang, SEAS'26, W'26; Bach Tran, SEAS'26