Endotoxin testing is expensive and killing the global ecosystems. ToxiSense's mission is to use genetically-engineered plants to change that.

Biopharmaceutical products and drinking water must be tested for endotoxins, the sickness-causing molecule from bacteria. The current method relies on expensive horseshoe crab blood and is environmentally damaging. ToxiSense genetically engineered the Arabidopsis plant to luminesce based on the endotoxin concentration applied to it, serving as a sustainable, cost-effective solution.

Founders: Aravind Krishnan, C'25 ,W'25; Udit Garg, ENG'25; Andrew Diep-Tran (W'25); Aarush Sahni (C'25)
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Venture Lab Affiliation

2022 Perlman Grand Prize Winner
2022 Robert S. Blank New Venture Collaboration Award
2022 Frederick H. Gloeckner Undergraduate Award Winner
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