Social Entrepreneurship

Join Venture Lab for a practical workshop on Design Thinking taking place Tuesday, February 26th, from 12:00 - 1:30pm in Tangen Hall Room 708.
Join panelists in a discussion surrounding underinvestment in LGBTQ+ centered projects and the challenges that arise as a result.
Beginning on September 18th, students participated in the Social Entrepreneurship Initiative’s week-long Climate Change and the Future of Food Salon Sprint. During this Salon Sprint, students identified impactful business solutions to the challenges facing the food system and iterated their ideas through a series of workshops mid-week. The week concluded with a pitch competition on September 22nd, which offered students the opportunity to win a validation prize of $500.
Join Venture Lab and the Mack Institute for Innovation Management for an interdisciplinary panel discussion in Tangen Hall, November 14th from 5pm - 6:30pm to explore what it means for tech to be 'clean', why its needed, and the emergent business innovations that have arisen in response to exacerbating climate challenges.
Meet The Community Grocer, a scalable non-profit community market, resource, and education center advancing food justice and health equity through EBT accessible meal solutions.
The culmination of the Climate Change & the Future of Food Salon Sprint, the Pitch Competition was a showcase of the solutions that have been iterated during the week.
The second workshop in the Climate Change & the Future of Food Salon Sprint week, the Theory of Change Workshop encouraged students to iterate their business solution's social impact.
The third and final workshop in the Climate Change & the Future of Food Salon Sprint week, this workshop helped participants bring together all of the pieces from the previous sessions and identify a viable business model that will support their solution.
Climate Change and the Future of Food Salon Sprint's first workshop, Design Thinking encouraged students to begin ideating impactful business solutions.
Students joined interdisciplinary panelists in a discussion on climate change and its implications on the food system, from the field to the table.
A first-generation Nigerian-American, Jonathan Muruako CAS'17 SPP'24 grew up in a low-income household in Mississippi, where access to educational resources was limited. After Muruako began attending the University of Pennsylvania, he found himself constantly needing to play catch-up in an educational environment different from his upbringing. He recognized that many other first-generation and/or low-income (FGLI) students faced similar challenges as he did. According to his research, only 10% of first-generation students graduate within six years, while close to 45% end up dropping out.
The Summer of Impact: Venture Award of $10,000 is intended to assist students financially over the summer in lieu of full-time internships so that they can concentrate on developing their entrepreneurial ventures. Applications are open until May 12th 2023 11:59 PM (EDT).